Frameless Shower Doors

Single Door 

A clean use of a smaller width shower enclosure. Our single frameless shower doors will swing in and out to allow for the best use of the space.

Small Space No Problem

Frameless Single Doors are a great match for those with a smaller shower enclosure. Utilize the space that you have with a custom glass shower door.


No metal beyond hinges and a handle. The single shower door will come with a plastic shower sweep along the bottom to help to keep the water inside your enclosure.

Single Door Gallery
Single Door Gallery

Door and Panel

A frameless shower door partnered with an inline panel to fill an opening that is a greater width than a single door can manage. The inline panel can be set using u-channel or clamps.

Space Covered

Keep your shower enclosure clean and open by using a frameless door and panel set-up across the opening of your enclosure.

Flexible Configuration

Have your door and panel built to accomodate a knee wall or shower bench. The door and panel placement can be switched to better fit a bathroom that needs the swining door on a certain side.

Door and Panel Gallery
Door and Panel Gallery

Door, Panel, and Return

Some enclosures require a return panel, this layout is perfect for the frameless door, panel, and return. Whether your glass will be full height or resting on a kneewall, this configuration is a perfect frameless fit.

Natural Light

Avoid reducing the amount of natural light by going with the door, panel, and return configuration for your custom shower enclosure.

Knee Wall No Worries

Door, panel, and return enclosures offer a lot in the way of flexibilty to fit your space. Whether you have a knee wall or bench, the door, panel, and return enclosure can be fabricated to work alongside these things.

Door and Panel Return Gallery
Door, Panel, and Return Gallery
Shower Door Panel Return
French Doors

French Doors

Increase the accessibility of your shower enclosure by selection dual frameless shower doors. Each door will have the ability to open 180 degrees, providing additional room for entering and exiting your enclosure.

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Neo-Angle Enclosure

Our neo-angle shower enclosure provides the perfect option for maximizing the space in your corner shower.

Flexible Configuration

Whether you have the space to accomodate a full height shower or if you need to build your unit around knee walls, the neo-angle enclosure’s flexibility will allow you to get the most out of your space.

Neo-Angle Gallery
Neo-Angle Gallery
Frameless Neo-Angle
Header Bar

Header Bar Enclosure

A header bar is necessary when you look to avoid hinging your frameless shower door from the wall.

Pivot Hinge Door

The addition of the header bar allows for a pivot hinged door to be used for your shower enclosure. Benefit from the flexible door placement while maintaning a clean and open look in your bathroom.

Header Bar Gallery
Header Bar Gallery

Uptown Grand Enclosure

The Uptown Grand is a cost efficient option for an enclosure that has no header bar. 

Nearly Frameless Semi-Frameless

The minimal frame and lack of a metal jamb between the door and stationary panel helps to bridge the gap between frameless and semi-frameless shower enclosures. 

Uptown Grand Gallery
Uptown Grand Gallery

Hydro-Slide Enclosure

Whether full height or designed to go on above a bathtub, the Hydro-Slide enclosure can be fabricated to meet your enclosure needs.

Various Configurations

The Hydro-Slide enclosure configuration can be set up as a 90 degree unit with the header attached to a stationary panel or installed as a wall-to-wall 180 degree enclosure.

Hydro-Slide Gallery
Hydro-Slide Gallery

Titan Phantom Bypass

The Titan Phantom bypass enclosure utilizes an all glass, double rail header made from tempered and laminated low iron glass to provide sliding functionality without a metal header bar.

Clear Header Bar

Have sliding glass shower doors without the need for a metal header bar by using this double rail header bar made out of tempered and laminated low iron glass.

Phantom Bypass Gallery
Titan Phantom Bypass Gallery
Titan Phantom Shower Doors
Titan Duo Shower Doors

Titan Duo Bypass

Heavy glass sliding doors that can installed above a tub or as a full height enclosure. The Titan Duo bypass sliding doors function the same as the Titan Phantom but will have a metal header bar.

Luxury Sliding Shower Doors

The Titan series has made a mark in the sliding shower door market by offering the weighted feel that comes with heavy glass doors.

Titan Duo Bypass Gallery
Titan Duo Bypass Gallery


Clamps can sometimes be offered as an alternative to the u-channel would go along the horizontal and vertical edges of the stationary glass in your new framless shower enclosure.

Alternative to U-Channel

Secure your stationary panels with clamps that are mounted to the horizontal and vertical surface.

Clamps Gallery
Clamps Gallery
Shower Door with Clamps
Shower Splash Guard

Splash Guard

Keep the water where you want it while having a walk-in enclosure by choosing to have a single stationary piece of glass as your shower enclosure.

Walk-in Shower

Enjoy the ease of a walk-in enclosure with a custom cut splash guard from us here at Northside Glass.

Splash Gallery
Splash Gallery

Skyline Enclosure

Stylish rollers and flexible configuration are a option for your custom shower enclosure. The face of the shower will have one stationary panel and one sliding panel to access the enclosure.

Options to Customize

Change your layout, metal finish, or glass pattern with this frameless enclosure. 

Skyline Gallery
Skyline Gallery
Skyline Shower Door

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