Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

Bypass Sliding Doors

Northside glass offers custom sized and professionally installed sliding glass shower doors. Match the look of your bathroom by choosing from a variety of metal finishes and glass options.

Tub or Full Height

Our custom shower enclosures can be installed on a top or in a full height opening.

Bypass Slider Gallery
Bypass Slider Gallery
Semi-Frameless Bypass Shower Doors
Semi-Frameless Return

Semi-Frameless Return

The semi-frameless swing door option can be an inline door and panel or a 90 degree configuration.

Stunning Semi-Frameless

Enjoy the affordability of a semi-frameless shower door and the benefit of keeping your newly completed tilework visible!

Semi-Frameless Return Gallery
Bypass Return Gallery

Titan Phantom Bypass

The Titan Phantom bypass enclosure utilizes an all glass, double rail header made from tempered and laminated low iron glass to provide sliding functionality without a metal header bar.

Clear Header Bar

Have sliding glass shower doors without the need for a metal header bar by using this double rail header bar made out of tempered and laminated low iron glass.

Phantom Bypass Gallery
Titan Phantom Bypass Gallery
Titan Phantom Shower Doors
Titan Duo Shower Doors

Titan Duo Bypass

Heavy glass sliding doors that can installed above a tub or as a full height enclosure. The Titan Duo bypass sliding doors function the same as the Titan Phantom but will have a metal header bar.

Luxury Sliding Shower Doors

The Titan series has made a mark in the sliding shower door market by offering the weighted feel that comes with heavy glass doors.

Titan Duo Bypass Gallery
Titan Duo Bypass Gallery

Semi-Frameless Neo-Angle

Maximize the appeal of your corner shower with the semi-frameless neo-angle shower door. 1/4″ glass with a compression fit handle and magnetic strip for clsoing.

Corner Configuration

The neo-angle enclosure is the perfect way to show off your newly tiled space.

Semi-Frameless Neo-Angle Gallery
Semi-Frameless Neo-Angle Gallery
Semi-Frameless Neo-Angle

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